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A quick look at Alpharacks reseller hosting

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I'm going to have a quick look at an Alpharacks shared hosting reseller plan, as a follow up to my earlier post about their standard shared hosting for 99 cents per year.

Here's the details of the plan:

Reseller Starter Plan 15 GB Secure Disk Space 600 GB Monthly Bandwidth Shared IP Address Create Unlimited Sub-Accounts Create Shared Hosting Accounts cPanel/WHM Control Panel Softaculous Auto-Installer LiteSpeed Web Server Powered CloudLinux Optimized DDoS Protection Included Reseller Resources Tool Instantly Activated $6 per year ORDER NOW

$6/year is an excellent price, you basically get the same as what you'd get for 99 cents, except you can create cPanel sub-accounts to resell, or even to use for your own domains of course.

Basically I signed up for this just to confirm if it's on a different server to their 99 cent shared hosting, which it is not. It's hosted on the same server - their "latitude" server which I looked at in my last review.

TL;DR: It's great value, network is excellent, but the stats that cPanel report show ~20 load on 8 cores/threads and a 97% full disk. No noticable slowdowns or downtime.

I would recommend this over Woothosting's offers, if you need something semi-reliable. I'm not claiming it's a replacement for a $10+/month service from a bigger company, but for the price there's hardly any reason to complain :)

I recently signed up for a shared hosting package from Alpharacks which has the following specs:

Shared Hosting Special #1: - 15 GB Space - 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth - 1 Hosted Domain - Shared IP address - cPanel Control Panel - Softaculous Auto-Installer - LiteSpeed Web Server Powered - CloudLinux Optimized - DDoS Protection Included - Instantly Activated - $0.99/year (you read it right, 99 cents per year, price never goes up, there is no catch! Perfect plan for those looking to start a website) ORDER NOW

99 cents.. wow!

I'll be honest, my expectations are extremely low at this point. But for less than $1 what the heck, I'll try it out, even if I never use it.

After my experiences with Woothosting's cheap servers, I'm a little skeptical about anything cheap. So, the first thing I did was log into cPanel and look at the server stats.

Here's a screenshot: Vital stats from cPanel

Key points:

  • 21 load on an 8 core/thread server means it's about to go into meltdown.
  • 40% memory usage is actually very reasonable.
  • Swap is 100%... wait.. why are they swapping when there's plenty of RAM available.. hmm..
  • The disk is 97% full (or is that 3% empty?)
  • At least the tmp folders have room to breathe.

Okay, so we could pick on the server due to it's stats, but in practice that's not a reliable indicator of real world performance.

I have performed a few tests to see how it actually handles.

  • I installed Wordpress (which is pretty resource hungry, exactly why I don't use it on this blog) and it actually works great! I have had no issues loading it up by installing themes and plugins galore. I didn't expect that to work as well as it did to be honest!
  • The server seems to be hosted in LAX, which means I should be able to get a decent speed from here in Australia.
  • I'm able to max out my 100mbit NBN connection both uploading AND downloading. Here's the test file I uploaded if you want to check it for yourself.

No complaints really, it actually seems stable!

I'm hosted on their "latitude" server, which seems to be dedicated to this particular cheap offer. I can see the server is well used (and abused) but it's solid. It actually defies logic.

For 99 cents a year it'd be an absolute bargain even at twice the price.

Would I host something critical like a business website? Probably not.. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is running a small hobby site where potential downtime isn't an issue.

Compared with Woothosting, this is amazing. Check out my review of Woothosting's shared hosting for reference.

If you want to get in on this Alpharacks deal, click here.