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Cryptocurrency mining

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I have been experimenting with cryptocurrencies for the past month, and I am planning to share my findings here on this blog.

It all started when I was looking at things to do with my 2 dedicated servers while they are idling. I got them for an amazingly low price, $24 USD per month for an i7 and an i5 dedicated server with 2TB HDD in each one. They have been used for Plex and nextCloud, but I'm not always watching Plex nor am I always using nextCloud.

It turns out I could mine on these for a profit, so I did.

I started off by using a portable version of xmrig which is actually no longer available, which I keep here http://dah85.com/xmrig.zip

In there are the config files I use for Monero (XMR), Electroneum (ETN) and Karbo (KRB) along with a few others.

When I started, the difficulty for XMR was a lot lower than it is today and I was making $40/month with 300 hashes per second on the i7 and i5 combined, and this is before I discovered huge pages.

Here's how I mine:

First, do yourself a favor, if you want to mine, turn on huge pages! It actually boosted my overall hashrate to 400h/sec.

sudo sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=5

Then secondly, download the xmrig files

wget dah85.com/xmrig.zip ; unzip xmrig.zip

In the xmrig folder you'll see a bunch of config.json.xxx files, each relating to whatever currency I'm mining at the time.

Using the default settings, it would be config.json

I renamed the xmrig to benchmark for reasons that may be best left unsaid at this stage, but feel free to change it back if you like.

Let's edit these files and change the details to yours

nano config.json

You'll see a lot of things, forget most of it, the only things we need to change are the address (wallet) and mining pool used.

One thing to note, is that the best number of threads to use is the amount of CPU cache divided by 2. When you run xmrig it will show you how much cache there is and how many threads are being used, by default it's 75% of the cores - if you have a 4 core machine with 8mb cache then we could use all 4 cores. If that's the case, change "threads: null" to "threads: 4", for example.

I'll write more later, but that would be enough to get you started if you already have a wallet and know which pool you'd like to use.