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I just found something really really cool!

Check this out for $32/month, it beats the pants off a lot of dedicated servers!

1 TB RAID-10 Storage
30TB Monthly Bandwidth
1Gbps port
16 IPv4 Addresses
300 IPv6 Addresses

This is a WootHosting Cloud Resource Pool, a massive pool of resources here! You can make up to 16 VPS out of this, or just create one monster VPS out of it..

I doubt there's anywhere on the planet where you can get a dedicated server that gives you 16 IP addresses included for the price.

It's an insane deal! Each VPS you build comes with 4 CPU cores too so it's actually a beast!

If you look at my Dedicated Servers list, you'll see that there is nothing that even comes close to this.

Go get em!