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Storage VPS List

This is a list of various storage VPS services that are available. I will add more as I find them, if you know of any, please let me know and I'll add them. For this purpose, I will consider a storage VPS to be one that is 100GB or more.

This list is ordered from cheapest in terms of $/month/GB.

The link in the CPU column is to a review/benchmark post on this site where available.

$/M/GB Provider HDD CPU RAM Virt. Net. BW $/Mo.
$0.0049 WISHOSTING 1000GB 1x 3.7ghz 1GB KVM 250 2TB $4.99
$0.0049 WISHOSTING 1800GB 1x 2.4ghz 1GB KVM 500 U/L $8.99
$0.0069 time4vps 1000GB 1x 1.7ghz 1GB OpenVZ 100 10TB $6.95
$0.0100 WootHosting 150GB 4x 3ghz 2GB OpenVZ 1000 3TB $1.50
$0.0100 Serverhub 500GB 2x 2.2ghz 512mb OpenVZ 1000 1TB $5.00
$0.0125 WootHosting 100GB 2x 1.9ghz 2GB OpenVZ 100 3TB $1.25
$0.0135 LETBox 400GB 2x 3.2ghz 2GB KVM 1000 3TB $5.41
$0.0150 LETBox 200GB 1x 3.2ghz 1GB KVM 1000 2TB $3.00
$0.0158 WootHosting 100GB 4x 3.3ghz 2GB OVZ 1000 5000GB $1.58
$0.0183 WootHosting 100GB 4x 3.3ghz 3GB OVZ 100 3000GB $1.83
$0.02 IntegralHost 500GB 2x CPU 512MB KVM 1000 1000GB $10
$0.02 WootHosting 200GB 4x CPU 8GB OpenVZ 1000 (6 IPv4) 16 TB $4.16
$0.0200 Hosthatch 250GB 1x 2.4ghz 512mb KVM 1000 1TB $5.00
$0.0200 Hosthatch 500GB 1x 2.4ghz 512mb KVM 1000 2TB $10.00
$0.0250 TNAHosting 200GB 2x 2.5ghz 6GB OpenVZ 1000 2TB $5.00

Latest update: 4 March 2018 - Added another WootHosting deal (150GB/4 cores/2GB/$18/year).