If you've got a computer or server running Transmission, then you will probably at some stage get an email suggesting you've probably downloaded something you shouldn't have. This can happen in cases where you have clicked the wrong link, instead of a Linux ISO you downloaded a latest release movie - oops!

No worries, here's what I've found is the best approach to handling this. The key is to make sure that Transmission can not send any data, or seed. This will not work well if you need to seed for your tracker, for example.

What we need to do first is stop transmission-daemon so we can modify the settings:

systemctl stop transmission-daemon

Let's move along, so the file we're interested in editing is settings.json which can usually be edited like this:

nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

There are a lot of settings in this file, but we'll focus only on the ones that matter here. Make sure your settings look like this:

"encryption": 1,
"speed-limit-up": 0,
"speed-limit-up-enabled": true,

This makes it prefer encryption, and makes sure that it will NEVER send any data. Sending data is what gets you in trouble, if you're not sharing anything you're not doing anything wrong.

Once you've changed those settings, save the file and make sure you start transmission-daemon again:

systemctl start transmission-daemon

It's always a good idea to test this, so make sure when you download a file there is no uploaded data - if not, you're all good to go!