A little while ago I came across an incredible deal from SerweryDedyKowane for a dedicated server in Poland.

Here's the specs:

I got this when they had a 75% off promotion, which makes this $12/month!!

And here's a benchmark:

CPU model:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz                            
Number of cores: 8                     
CPU frequency:  3601.000 MHz           
Total amount of RAM: 15912 MB          
System uptime:   11 days, 7:40,        
I/O speed:  182 MB/s                   
Bzip 25MB: 4.52s                       
Download 100MB file: 28.6MB/s     

It's got the power, those results are amazing for the price!

Here's my favourite part..

speed 2.5s/60s/15m 275.5 275.4 274.9 H/s max: 277.6 H/s

It gets around 280h/sec which at the time of writing this is about $27/month.. that's $15/month profit! I wish I got more when I had the chance, because the normal price is $48 per month.

I have been using this server now for a few months, I've only had to reboot it once a bit over a week ago when I made a mistake with the network config, but it's been rock solid!

It's currently my nextCloud and Plex server, and it's been perfect. If you've been following my blog you might remember me looking for a VPS to do this task, but I've replaced that with a dedicated server and I'm so glad I did.

When I first got the server, I had a choice of a few OS to install through their very easy to use control panel and I chose to install Debian Stretch and install Proxmox 5 on top of it so I can split it up into LXC/KVM containers for different things.

When using their control panel at first, it was a bit difficult because everything is in Polish, but google translate came to the rescue :)

I recently got a Dacentec dedicated server for $25/month with 8TB of storage in the USA but the CPU and RAM are significantly less powerful than this server (the CPU is an old Opteron and the RAM is 8GB DDR2)

I have spoken to their support staff (in English) in the past and they have been very friendly and helpful, so it's assuring to know that IF something went wrong it can be taken care of without a language barrier.

I affectionately refer to this server as my "serwery", which I believe is Polish for server :)

I have an exclusive coupon code that you can use which will give you 25% off any server for one billing period (meaning if you pay monthly, it's the first month, pay yearly and it's 25% for the whole year) - the code is E3D7-C20D-0EDE