I have recently in the past few months purchased an Acer Swift 5 laptop and it's an amazing laptop with a full HD 1080 screen, 256mb nvme drive and an i7 processor, plus excellent wifi.

The problem is that with the WiFi, it will drop out occasionally and while I've been able to deal with it just assuming it's an issue with the network or just the noisy 2.4/5ghz band around here, it turns out it's actually an issue with my laptop!

The specific problem is with the power management in Ubuntu for some reason shutting the wifi off when it thinks it needs to, even if I have it plugged into power.

The solution!:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

You will see a line that looks like this:

wifi.powersave = 3

We need to change that so it says:

wifi.powersave = 2

The difference being that 3 means power management will be used if available, and 2 means to disable power management.

Once you've made the change, save and reboot. Your wifi will not drop anymore (unless there's an actual issue with your wifi of course)

Let me know if that's helped anyone else with the same thing, for all I know this could affect other laptops, possibly even other brands.