As requested by one of my readers, here's how to set up rclone with Google Drive for use with a seedbox.

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and this seedbox script:

I assume that's already set up nicely, now we move on to rclone.

First, we update and install what we need (unzip):

sudo apt update ; sudo apt install -y unzip

Then, we'll download the rclone files into your home directory:

cd ~ 
wget --no-check-certificate

After that, we unzip it:


Then change into it's folder:

cd rclone-v1.39-linux-amd64

Now, we'll install it to /usr/bin/ so that we can call it from anywhere:

sudo cp rclone /usr/bin/

Now, it's time to set it up!

rclone config

It will ask a bunch of questions, here's how I answered them (just do it in the same order, only change the name of the "remote" from gdrivetest to whatever you wanna call it)


Here it will give you a link, go ahead and open that on your computer, sign into the google account you want to use and then it will give you a key for example


Go ahead and paste that code (not mine, yours!) into the rclone installer and press

Let's continue:


So, right now we just created a remote called gdrive test.

To test it, now type:

rclone lsd gdrivetest:

Be sure to keep the : at the end, oh, and change it from gdrivetest to whatever you named it.

You should see a list of files on your Google Drive. If so, success!

Now, to put files onto your Google Drive, let's assume you want to copy a folder and it's files from /var/media to a folder on your Google Drive called media, let's do this:

rclone copy /var/media gdrivetest:media

And you've successfully set up rclone with Google Drive :)