Here is a table of various locations around the world, and a note on the ping and download speed from each location.

This is from the perspective of Brisbane, Australia. Speed is shown in megabytes per second. Speed is taken by using wget to a 100mb.bin file in each location, the final speed reported by wget is the speed shown below. Ping is taken by pinging the server. Quality is the amount of packets that made it. 100% is no packet loss, 0% is full packet loss.

Location Ping Speed Quality
Atlanta, GA, USA 240 1.83MB/sec 100%
Dallas, TX, USA 201 5.66MB/sec 100%
Tokyo, JP 189 5.76MB/sec 100%
Rotterdam, NL 317 3.69MB/sec 100%
London, UK 318 3.29MB/sec 100%
Haarlem, NL 172 5.38MB/sec 100%
Singapore, Singapore 117 3.33MB/sec 100%
Seattle, WA, USA 185 3.59MB/sec 100%
San Jose, CA, USA 174 4.38MB/sec 100%
Washington, DC, USA 230 4.09MB/sec 100%
Paris, France 319 3.97MB/sec 100%
Nuernberg, Germany 420 0.46MB/sec 95%
Perth, WA, Australia 70 7.52MB/sec 100%
Sydney, NSW, Australia 25 10.12MB/sec 100%
Manassas, VA, USA 236 4.09MB/sec 100%
Bucharest, Romania 374 3.36MB/sec 100%
Milan, Italy 326 3.35MB/sec 100%
Quebec, Canada 235 6.59MB/sec 100%

Last updated: 31/10/2017 @ 13:32

This is more of a note to self, but I hope it helps someone else because I tried googling and couldn't find anything similar.