When I set up a new Linux machine, I always like to run a benchmark to see how it's performing. This is mostly true if I get a new VPS, or if I'd like to check the performance of a computer for the fun of it.

Normally, I use this one-liner benchmark (after installing bzip2 and time):

bash <(wget --no-check-certificate -O - https://raw.github.com/mgutz/vpsbench/master/vpsbench)

The output looks like this:

CPU model:  AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 970 Processor
Number of cores: 4
CPU frequency:  3499.966 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 7986 MB
Total amount of swap:  MB
System uptime:   4:51,       
I/O speed:  229 MB/s
Bzip 25MB: 5.35s
Download 100MB file: 9.48MB/s

Today, I'll be looking at another one called bench.sh

It's another simple one-liner:

wget -qO- bench.sh | bash

The output looks like this:

CPU model            : AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 970 Processor
Number of cores      : 4
CPU frequency        : 3499.966 MHz
Total size of Disk   : 219.8 GB (107.0 GB Used)
Total amount of Mem  : 7986 MB (2137 MB Used)
Total amount of Swap : 8240 MB (0 MB Used)
System uptime        : 0 days, 4 hour 46 min
Load average         : 0.18, 0.29, 0.39
OS                   : Manjaro Linux 
Arch                 : x86_64 (64 Bit)
Kernel               : 4.13.3-2-MANJARO
I/O speed(1st run)   : 234 MB/s
I/O speed(2nd run)   : 218 MB/s
I/O speed(3rd run)   : 221 MB/s
Average I/O speed    : 224.3 MB/s
Node Name                       IPv4 address            Download Speed
CacheFly                       9.49MB/s      
Linode, Tokyo, JP               5.71MB/s      

It will test more locations, but I snipped them out to make this a bit smaller, plus, to be honest, they took too long to finish.

The tests I have done here are for my desktop with an SSD, connected on the NBN at 100/40 using VDSL with Myrepublic as the ISP.

Maybe I will re-benchmark all the VPS's I currently have (11 at last count!) and post them on here.