I have chosen to review these 8 VPS services that I have been using, based off the amount of storage they offer, the amount of RAM and swap as well as the CPU cores and speed, and network. Here are the contenders:





WootHosting (again!)




Stay tuned while I test these services and see how they perform and what they could be useful for!

I would love to try using the 2 higher storage plans (the 500GB and the 1TB) for hosting nextCloud, and the other smaller ones for testing out the cheapest of the lower priced services with less space-demanding applications like running websites or VPN for example.

This will be fun, let's see how it goes :)

With with my next post I will start to work through each of the VPS services in this list, run benchmarks to test for things like network speed, disk IO, and the CPU performance.

Now I'm off to play around with this 40GB KVM from WootHosting :)