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Reviewing woothosting web hosting

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A few months ago I came across an offer from woothosting which looked too good to be true, and being my first experience with woothosting, I thought I'd give it a try:

Spring Reseller Hosting 200GB:
200GB Storage Allocation
2,000GB Monthly Bandwidth
Shared IP Address
cPanel/WHM Control Panel
Unlimited Sub Accounts
Softaculous Script Installer
Free Website Migration
24/7 Technical Support
Instant Deployment
FEATURE: Advanced DDoS Protection Included!
[$9.00 Annually][2]

$9 per year is insanely cheap for web hosting, plus it's a reseller account meaning you can create and even resell accounts which is cool to play with.

When I signed up, I was given an option to double the disk space for $7 and add an SSH Jail for $1.50 - which brings it up to 400gb of space for $17.50 per year!

Fast forward by a week and I get an email from them saying they have issues with their server and are migrating to another node, which was fine, but my other website didn't work correctly (uses lychee) and after a few tickets back and forward, they fixed up the issue on their server.

In summary, I'd probably give them a 8/10 only because it's a great deal, but points lost for it being sometimes unavailable.

EDIT: If you are on Server81, things are perfect!

EDIT: Today is Tuesday 27th of Feb 2018, and I have some bad news to report.. Server81 is now also extremely overloaded and unstable. I've used uptimerobot to watch that server and send me an email if it goes down.. well, my inbox is flooded with UP/DOWN emails.. uh oh!